March 22, 2005

Dear Consumers:

We need your help. For nine years we have been helping people with our non-toxic head Lice product, Lice Rx™. The proof of it's effectiveness is that we have been on the market so long with a 100% money back guarantee since day one in 1997.

Some time back in 2003, we discovered another company selling our product called Lice Rx™. They did this knowing full well that we have been using the name Lice Rx™ (they found out when they went to file for the domain name). That says a lot about them right there. Northrop Scientific they called themselves at the time. We started looking into them.

We couldn't find anything. No corporate registration, no listing with the Chamber of Commerce, no phone book listing, no mention of the name in any Internet search engine other then their own propaganda and get rich schemes. The next thing we watch happen is they changed their name to "Selmedica Healthcare" and called themselves a industry leader of 50 years. They dressed up their website, charged a lot of money, and have basically been ruining the Lice Rx™ name since. That was two years ago.

September 2005 Update - If you read below, we mentioned that if the people behind this organization lie about everything mentioned below, my concern stated below was--- what if they lie about the safety of their products too? According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), they did lie. The FDA cites "These statements are false and misleading and misbrand the products Digestrin™, Goutin™, Liporex™, Chitorex™, Zetacap™, Welatonin™ because they state that the ingredients contained in these products are generally recognized as safe and effective when, in fact they are not".

Click here to read the whole letter from the FDA.

The US Government says at least six different products this company sells may be hazardous to your health and still this phantom company is in business in spite of two years of proof the people who are supposed to be protecting you have ignored. Your government is failing you. If you read below you'll see Selmedica Healthcare does not officially exist other to prey on consumers. Prove Selmedica Healthcare is a phantom company yourself below and then help put this company out of business by telling the FBI, Tennessee Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau what you discovered using the numbers below.

If you just want to make one call, call Ross White of the Tennessee Consumer Affairs at 615-741-4737. He would be most interested in hearing from you. Internet crime will eventually get you if you don't help stop these predators here. Help us help you.

Also, please don't call us about this matter. Please call Ross White and others. This phantom company is a huge drain on our time from people complaining about their products who reach us instead. If you want to get rid of your head lice problem, follow this link and buy our product. Over nine years now we have been helping people with this problem offering a no questions asked money back guarantee. If our product didn't work, that fact would be reflected in our Better Business Bureau (BBB) report (see below), but instead our BBB record is spotless whereas Selmedica Healthcare looks like... well, look for yourself below.

Following is our earlier information. True today as it was then. How many more consumers have been victims?

Let us introduce you to Selmedica Healthcare today in April of 2005.

If you look up this 50 year old company in the yellow pages, there is no listing. They claim to operate from Cordova, Tn. Zip 38088 Click here for Yahoo Yellow Pages ( and look for yourself. Click here to try and find them in a different phone directory, "Big Yellow" ( These are both major yellowpages. This is your first clue something is fishy. No phone directory listing either place. Not in the white pages either. Not two years ago, not today.

UPDATE: March 25, 2006: Found another phone directory Can't find Selmedica Healthcare here either.

Also, This phantom internet company has a two new names - Spring Time Herbs and New Tech, Inc. Both can't be found in the Yellow pages either and yet they claim to be leaders in the industry too! How do you spell FRAUD?

FLASH!!! FLASH!!! 4/05/05 Selmedica has a new name again!!! If you click here it will take to to their product page which says the product is from now instead of Selmedica. Click here for the current selmedica website. Same everything except the business name. Consumers beware!

Before you move on from Big Yellow, please look us up: Symbiotic Systems, Inc. Hailey, ID 83333. We've only been around about 15 years and have managed to get our phones listed in phone directories.

Lets continue on with who had the name, Lice Rx™, first to establish who is stepping on whos toes. Two places you can look. Who had the domain name first. This link will take you to (, a website where you can look up both our website, (ours) and "Selmedica Healthcare's", in their "whois" section.

On this page, type the domain names in the "Whois" box. The dates tell the truth as to who was using the name first.

Note the corporate name of the owner, Perry Belcher, "Key Brands, Inc". We're going to look that name up in a minute with the Secretary of State of Tennessee. Also note, "Perry M. Belcher Companies" also found listed here in this "Whois". Also, "Selmedica, Inc.", the name they use on their website ( Just a few of the names these people use.

Now that you see who owns which website. Before you move on please click here for Google ( and do a search on "Licerx". Go back and do a search on "Lice-rx". Note the paid advertisement at the top in both searches. In the paid advertisement section at the top you will see advertisements for both and That's not our advertisement. If you click on the advertisement displayed at the top of the page, which you now know to be ours, you'll discover that advertisement takes you not to our website, but to theirs. Isn't that stealing?

Another place you can look to verify truth of their claims is the US Trademark Office.We started using the name Lice Rx™ in 2000 and have documentation to prove it, but we didn't trademark the name because we didn't think anyone would be so low as to steal our name and it is clear we have first use. Decent people would have found a different name. Follow this link. It will take you to the US Trademark database ( where you can look up the trademarks claimed by this 50 year old company. The only problem is, even though "Selmedica Healthcare" claims trademarks on their name (try it), Lice Rx™ (try it) and all their products (to many to mention), not a single reference can be found at the US Trademark Office. Isn't that strange.

Shelby County is where Selmedica Healthcare claims to do business. Click here for the website for the County Clerk ( who issues business licenses. Call for yourself, (901) 545-4249 the business license division of Shelby County and ask them if they have a listing for "Selmedica Healthcare". You'll discover, as I did, there is no business license issued to this 50 year old industry leader. Isn't that strange.

If you call the Memphis Chamber of Commerce at (901) 543-3500 and ask them if they know "Selmedica Healthcare", the 50 year old industry leader, they will tell you they never heard of them. Isn't that strange.

We do business in the State of Idaho, you can prove that to yourself by visiting the Official State of Idaho website and visit the Secretary Of State where you can look up "Symbiotic Systems, Inc." in the corporate directory and you'll find us listed. Not so with Selmedica Healthcare.

They claim to be a corporation. In order for corporations to do business in Tennessee where Selmedica Healthcare claims to be located, you must be listed with the State. Follow this link to the Official State of Tennessee website ( and visit the Secretary Of State where you can look up "Selmedica Healthcare", this 50 year old industry leader. Selmedica is not listed. Isn't that strange.

While you are here, try other corporate names found in the "Whois" search you did earlier: "Perry M. Belcher Companies" - Not listed, "Selmedica, Inc." -- Not listed, "Key Brands, Inc." -- Not listed. They also call themselves "USA Chemical, Inc." Look that one up too. - Again Not listed. Then there is their newest name from the website: "". Again Not listed. Five business names and not a single one is registered to do business in Tennessee where they claim to be located. Interestingly enough, if you also look up those business names in the yellow pages, they don't exist either. Isn't that strange?

Selmedica Healthcare makes lots of claims. At this website (, Selmedica Healthcare claims over 45,000 people have used their Kidney product at $74.95 each. That's $3,372,750.00 in sales. At this website (, Selmedica Healthcare claims 65,000 people have used their poison ivy product at $39.95. That's $2,556,800 in Sales. On this website (, Selmedica Healthcare claims they have sold 150,000 units of Lice Rx (our product). At $39.95 each that's $5,992,500 is sales. This is only three of their many products. You would think with at least ten million dollars in sales the profit would allow them to purchase phone numbers and a directory listing; wouldn't you?

Speaking of claims. Note all the testimonials Selmedica Claims on their products. If you look closely at their pages, you'll find a little paragraph that states they paid people to write those testimonials. We've never had to pay anybody to write a testimonial. In fact, we get so many we don't even put them up anymore and the ones we have up from years ago, we frankly tell people they don't mean a thing because some people will tell you anything to get your money.

Look at all the websites this non-existant company is using to target consumers: and there is even more than that.

When I looked up "Selmedica Healthcare" with the Better Business Bureau, (BBB) ( this only confirmed my suspicions. Follow the link above yourself. Click on "business" in the"Check it out" box on the top right to view BBB "Reliability Reports". This will open your eyes!

But First!, let's look at our reliability report as compiled by the BBB. Please type in "Symbiotic Systems, Inc." and enter. Click on the one result offered. That's us. The BBB records a spotless record for our company.

Now, back up and type in "Selmedica Healthcare" on the page that comes up and go read Selmedica's reliability report. I'm astounded they are still in business. Whom would you care to do business with? You can also call the Memphis, TN BBB yourself @ 901-759-1300 and ask for updated information concerning "Selmedica Healthcare".

NOTE: At the bottom of the BBB Reliability Report on Selmedica it says that they are a corporation registered in Washington D.C. in March 2004. Call the Corporate Division of Washington, D.C. at (202) 442-4432 and you'll discover as I did, the corporation had its charter revoked. Are you surprised? I'm not.

I filed a complaint with the BBB Sept. 13th, 2003 and Selmedica, this 50 year old industry leader responded to the BBB on paper without a letterhead and claimed that Selmedica Healthcare is a manufacturing company based in Shanghai, China. That's not what Internet search engines say. There is no reference anywhere. Try Yahoo. Try Google. Try Overture Try Askjeeves Try MSN

In fact, any search engine you try, will not find any reference to Selmedica Healthcare except for "Selmedica Healthcare's"own propaganda and get rich schemes which seem to be bilking consumers out of a lot of money if the Better Business Bureau information can be trusted.

Here at you'll also find Selmedica listed. Not in a favorable light either.

So let me sum this all up. We have a company claiming their 50 years of experience have made "Selmedica Healthcare" into an industry leader and there is no supporting documentation on the internet to support that claim anywhere as you have discovered if you followed the links and took the suggested actions.

They claim to have hundreds of thousands of customers which would generate tons of tax revenue and yet the company is not listed with the State, County or City governments of Tennessee under business names they have listed themselves as on official documents.

A nationwide yellow pages search on "Selmedica Healthcare" or any of the other company names they claim finds nothing listed.

The Chamber of Commerce is unaware of them and the only feedback of the quality of this company is extremely derogatory at the Better Business Bureau.

When we first contacted the Better Business Bureau regarding "Selmedica Healthcare", there were over 40 complaints against this company who operates many, many websites under many, many different company names. Then there were over 60, now there are so many they don't even list them.

A recent update shows 59 unanswered complaints the BBB confronted "Selmedica Healthcare" with in January 2005 are still unresolved two months later in spite of personal guarantees of Perry M. Belcher he would take care of them himself according to the BBB information. One deception after another. The BBB record list tons of websites controlled by these people which the BBB is concerned with. You'll also find many company names these people use in their web of deception.

What concerns me most is if this company is willing to misrepresent so many things about themselves, how do we know their many products are not harming consumers? I get complaints from "Selmedica Healthcare" customers all the time.

If the information presented here has alerted you that "Selmedica Healthcare" is not what it claims to be, please call the BBB at 901-759-1300 and ask them for an update on the information on their website regarding "Selmedica Healthcare". Help stop this company from claiming anymore victims including yourself.

The FBI has an Internet fraud unit which can be found here ( . You can write your concerns about what you have discovered as a result of links on this page and help not only yourself, but many others who may get ripped off from these people.

Thank you for your help.


Mark Cook

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